Chamblee-Sardis Lodge No. 444

The following list is excerpted from Wikipedia's List of Freemasons:

William "Bud" Abbott, of the Abbott & Costello comedy team.
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Astronaut.
Louis Armstrong, Jazz musician.
Gene Autry, Movie and Television Star.

William "Count" Basie, Jazz orchestra leader and composer.
Daniel Carter Beard, Founder of the Boy Scouts.
Irving Berlin, Composer.
Simón Bolívar, Leader of South American independence.
Ernest Borgnine, Actor.
Joseph Brant, Principal Chief of the Six Nations Indians.

Kit Carson, American Adventurer.
Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
Ty Cobb, baseball star.
William F. Cody, a.k.a. Buffalo Bill, American Adventurer.
Nat King Cole pianist and ballad singer.

Cecil B. DeMille Movie Director.
Jack Dempsey, Heavyweight Boxing Champion.
Bob Dole, US politician.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, British Physician and Author.

Edward VII, King of Great Britain.
Edward VIII, King of Great Britain.
Duke Ellington, Musician.
Oliver Ellsworth, Chief Justice of the United States.
John Elway, Hall of Fame Quarterback.

Douglas Fairbanks, Actor.
W. C. Fields, Comedian.
Benjamin Franklin, American Inventor and Statesman.

Clark Gable, Actor.
James A. Garfield, U.S. President.
George IV, King of Great Britain.
George VI, King of Great Britain.
John H. Glenn, Jr., Astronaut and US Senator.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German philosopher and Poet.
D. W. Griffith, Film Director.
Virgil I. Grissom, American astronaut.

John Hancock, American Revolutionary, Merchant and Statesman.
Warren G. Harding, U.S. President.
Oliver Hardy, Actor.
J. Edgar Hoover, First Director of the FBI.
Harry Houdini, Escape artist.
William Howley, the 90th Archbishop of Canterbury.
Timothy Hutton, Actor.

Burl Ives, American Actor and Singer.

Andrew Jackson, U.S. President.
Jesse Jackson, US Civil Rights leader and Politician.
John Jay, Chief Justice of the US (1789-1795).
Andrew Johnson, U.S. President.
Lyndon B. Johnson, U.S. President.
John Paul Jones, Naval Hero during the American Revolution.
Melvin Jones, Founder of Lions Clubs International.
Benito Juárez, President of Mexico.

David Kalakaua, King of Hawaii, 1874-91.
Rudyard Kipling, UK Author and Poet.

Marquis de Lafayette, French General during the American Revolution.
Meriwether Lewis, Explorer.
Charles Lindbergh, US Aviator.
Franz Liszt, Composer.

Douglas MacArthur, US General.
John Marshall, Chief Justice of the US (1801-1835), GM of Virginia
Thurgood Marshall, U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice (1967-1991)
Harpo Marx, US Film Comedian.
Louis B. Mayer, Director.
William McKinley, U.S. President.
James Monroe, U.S. President
Robert Moray, Scottish Philosopher.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Composer.
Audie Murphy, the most decorated United States soldier of World War II.

James Naismith, Inventor of Basketball.

Arnold Palmer, Professional Golfer.
Norman Vincent Peale, Preacher; Author, The Power of Positive Thinking
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh; husband of Queen Elizabeth II
James K. Polk, U.S. President.
Alexander Pushkin, Russian poet.

Paul Revere, American Revolutionary.
Ringling Brothers (all seven of them), American Circus Promoters.
Will Rogers American Political Commontator and Satirist.
Roy Rogers, American Actor.
Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, U.S. President.
James Mayer Rothschild, Financier.
John Rutledge, Chief Justice of the US (1795)

Peter Sellers, Actor, Comedian.
Richard Bernard "Red" Skelton, American Comedian.
Sir Arthur Sullivan, Sullivan of 'Gilbert and Sullivan'.

William Howard Taft, U.S. President.
Dave Thomas, Founder of Wendy's.
Harry S Truman, U.S. President.
Mark Twain, American author.

Frederick M. Vinson, Chief Justice of the US (1946-1953)
Swami Vivekanada, Hindu Spiritual Leader.

Harry M., Jack L, and Sameul L. Warner, Co-Founders of Warner Bros.
Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the US (1953-1969), GM of California
George Washington, First President of the United States.
John Wayne, American Actor.
Oscar Wilde, Irish Playwright, Novelist, and Poet.
William IV, King of Great Britain.
Steve Wozniak Co-founder Apple Computers.