Square & Compasses (drafting) Chamblee-Sardis Lodge No. 444
Free & Accepted Masons
5556 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard - 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 7:30pm
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General Masonic Websites

Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry - http://www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/

Paul Bessel's Website - http://www.bessel.org/

Phoenixmasonry - http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/

A Page about Freemasonry - http://mit.edu/dryfoo/Masonry/

The Philalethes Society - http://freemasonry.org/

The Masonic Society - http://themasonicsociety.com/

The Masonic Service Association of North America - http://msana.com/

The Masonic Information Center - http://msana.com/micindex.asp

The United Grand Lodge of England - http://www.ugle.org.uk/

The Grand Lodge of Scotland - http://www.grandlodgescotland.com/

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania - http://www.pagrandlodge.org/

The Grand Lodge of New York - http://www.nymasons.org/

The Grand Lodge of California - http://www.freemason.org/

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Georgia Masonic Websites

The Grand Lodge of Georgia - http://glofga.org/

Georgia Lodge Lookup - http://www.glofga.org/lodgedb.html

The DeKalb County Masonic Association - http://dcma.morelight.org/

The Fifth Masonic District Convention (Metro Atlanta) - http://5dist.morelight.org/

Youth Groups:

Boys: Order of DeMolay (Georgia) - http://gademolay.org/

Girls: International Order of Rainbow Girls (Georgia) - http://www.gaiorg.org/

Appendant Bodies (for Masons):

York Rite of Georgia - http://www.yorkriteofga.org/

Scottish Rite of Georgia - http://www.gascottishrite.org/

Al Siha Shrine, Macon - http://www.alsihahshriners.com/

Yaarab Shrine, Atlanta - http://yaarabshrine.net/

Appendant Bodies (for Masons and relatives):

Order of the Eastern Star (Georgia) - http://www.georgiaoes.org/

Order of the Amaranth (Georgia) - http://www.amaranth.org/Georgia/


Chamblee-Sardis 444 is a Suburban Atlanta Masonic Lodge which meets in the city of Chamblee, Georgia, USA.
We work under the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the State of Georgia.